Firstly, congratulations. If you are looking for ideas on how to make your business launch parties a success then you and your team have either completed a project that took countless hours of dedication, you are launching a new product, or you are the owner of a brand new start-up company and want the world to know. There could be other reasons but ultimately, you are looking for a way to build reputation or reinforce client and customer relationships.

Here are some launch party ideas you should consider when organising your big event.

Budget & Professional Services can be vital.

Set aside a budget and if you can, hire the help

Planning, promoting and hosting start-up launch parties is not a simple task. With the hours you have put into the business or new product, you deserve an event that is slick, sophisticated and one that will attract the right people. Therefore, if you can, hire a professional events team to design and manage your launch party which will also ensure you get to relax and enjoy the benefits and rewards yourself.

Select a spectacular venue

If you do not want to hire a team to help plan and organise your launch party, then the first objective you need to meet is to find and hire a venue that will accommodate your guest list. As soon as you reveal the event’s location to your guests, a certain tone will be set and so you should select a venue in line with your brand and/or your company ethos.

Where possible, try and select a unique location; one that creates an air of sophistication and one that gets both you and your team out of the office. It’s a special time for both them and you.

Vary the way you interact with guests

Once you have selected your guestlist full of your target audience as well as friends and family, you need to think how you are going to interact on the day. We don’t mean the way you say hello or the conversations you have. Instead, plan to have digital demonstrations of your product, videos of your team discussing what they have achieved and how, live showcasing and product giveaways (note that everyone loves free gifts and you will enjoy free marketing out of it too).

Interactions like these will help your team feel far more involved in the launch party itself and your guests will have far more opportunities to engage. However, it will also need some planning.

Whats your Theme? Formal? Unique? Fun?

Have a theme

Everyone loves a theme or at least guidelines of how they can be expected to dress. Pick a theme that works with your brand, your ethos, the venue or your product. A theme will be a fantastic conversation starter for both you and your guests. It will also create opportunities for creative and sophisticated photographs to be shared via social media (with specific branded hashtags) both during and after the event.

Pictures are not only invaluable marketing tools, but also a great way for your company to network via social media too. It would therefore be an idea to set time to follow up on any posts or comments your social media outlets receive in the days following the launch.

Wow your Guests!

Entertain with a wow

While this is essentially business, your launch parties should be exactly that; parties! Therefore, your guests will expect some form of launch party entertainment from music, colour, magnificent table decorations or unforgettable food. However, why not hire an act that will keep your guests talking about your event for months to come. It’s essentially free marketing too!

An award-winning mind reader such as Looch can perform in any way you deem appropriate for your launch party. This could be:

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