Mid week weddings have been on the rise for the last couple of years. Venue availability, price and entertainment availability all play a hand in brides and grooms choosing to avoid a Friday or Saturday wedding.

But I find myself thinking it must be such a treat for guests to enjoy raising a glass in celebration half-way through the week rather than watching the clock at work.

Last week, I had the pleasure of not one, but two mid week weddings, which took place a mere 400m apart (on different days of course).

Donnington Park Farmhouse Wedding

My first event was a wonderful Mix and Mingle at Donnington Park Farmhouse in Castle Donnington. An open brick, traditional location, this venue is growing ever more popular for couples looking for that rustic feel to their big day and it was easy to see why.

Guests milled around the charm of the timber and brick space while I interacted with small crowds and individuals. What was quite a challenge for me on this occasion was the number of children in attendance. Not being a child’s entertainer, I do struggle when people ask if I can do something for ‘the kids’. However, I have to say that children can be a very rewarding but different audience which was exactly the case at this event.

Melbourne View Hotel Wedding

My next gig a few days later was at Melbourne View Hotel where I performed both a Mix and Mingle and a Wedding Show.

This venue has changed somewhat since I last performed here and there is a separate space for the ceremony and reception, which meant after my Mix and Mingle, I was able to set up for the show without being under the watchful gaze of the guests.

Photo of Looch Wedding Show
The Wedding Show – Melbourne View Hotel

Once I was set up and ready to go, the guests wandered through. Because I was already on stage, it was wonderful to see the looks of excitement, apprehension and nerves on some faces. As an entertainer who thrives on psychology, this was a fantastic way to begin my performance and made for a truly interesting dynamic.

Photographs from the event show the reactions, not just from the guests but also from myself; a room full of laughter is the best kind.

While guests may enjoy the celebrations of a mid-week wedding, I do sometimes find it hard to believe this is what I do for a living: I absolutely love what I do and following 5* reviews from both couples, it clearly shows.

So, if you have a wedding coming up, mid-week or otherwise, and would like to see what I offer by way of unique wedding entertainment, please get in touch!

If I have already had the pleasure of being part of your big day, please feel free to review my services using Google Review.

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