What is a Psychological Illusionist?

Ever heard of the term Psychological Illusionist, and wondered exactly what it meant? The term is relatively new, and was coined by the British media to describe the work of mentalists and mind readers. A Psychological Illusionist is a type of magician who can utilise a variety of psychological skills. These skills are usually applied to create the illusion of mind reading at a party, event or show.

Let’s Break it Down.

It’s often easier to understand the term by breaking it up its two words. The ‘Psychological’ part is more scientific in nature, and deals with the way we think and make decisions. Our body’s give off a range of signals when faced with choices and free thought. A Psychological Illusionist is trained to read these signals, similar to that of a Poker Player who studies his opponents. If he does it correctly, he might be able to to spot ‘tells’ and bluffs. If a Psychological Illusionist does a good job, they will be able to follow some peoples thought processes. It is through this that they can create the impression of mind reading in their performances.

Photo of Looch performing Psychological Illusions
Psychological Illusions = Magic for Adults!

The Illusionist part of the term deals more with trickery and illusion. Just like if you went to see a magician perform in a theatre, you know that somewhere hidden within the performance is a secret method. A method that if performed well, will be invisible to the audience. However it’s still a method that you know exists, you cant see it, but you know it’s there somewhere.

By putting the two words together, it becomes apparent that we are dealing with a form of entertainment that can be categorised as “Tricks of the Mind” or as others call it “Sleight of Mind”.

Are you looking to hire a Psychological Illusionist?

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