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When I am speaking to couples that have booked me to perform at their wedding, one of the questions that seem to pop up quite frequently is:

“We have booked a Band, will you be ok performing whilst they are playing?”

So Should a Magician Perform During Live Music?

It’s an interesting question that can be looked at from a variety of different angles. The most important to consider is; “Will one performance interrupt the other?” Now clearly we aren’t discussing simultaneous stage performances. The magician will have been hired to mingle in this capacity, whilst the band will be playing live from the stage.

If the bands set is so loud that none of your guests can hear the magician perform then provisions need to be made to ensure guests are entertained to a professional level. The last thing you want on your big day is a substandard performance from your wedding magician.

Effective Communication

Some acts are very visual in their performance, they can be watched without having to listen, such as caricaturists and dancers. These kinds of acts are fine when performing during loud music, but others for example; Magicians, Mind Readers & Mentalists, will need to communicate with your guests and be heard. Their performances rely on effective communication, otherwise most of what happens will be lost on your guests.

Theres no point in hiring a wedding magician if you plan to have a loud band playing in the same room. So what is the solution? Drop the Band? Fire the Magician? The answer is actually much simpler and easier.

Image asking Should a Magician Perform During Live Music?
An alternative room where guests can enjoy the performance.

 A Simple Solution

Wherever your band is set up to play, have your magician perform in an adjacent room. Most venues have multiple rooms where guests can sit and relax if things are getting loud or a little hectic. Having your wedding magician base themselves in this quieter room will be the perfect opportunity for them to shine.

Your guests will be able to hear the magician perform and as a result will be much more effective. If you are not sure what rooms are available then simply speak with your chosen venue beforehand. More often than not, your venue will be able to advise you as it most probably be something they have already done previously.

Just the One Room?

If your particular venue is small or only has the one room then an alternative approach may be possible. One of the things that I have done in the past is simply this. If the environment is too loud, and the guests cannot hear me talk. I simply step as far away from the band or Wedding DJ as possible. I can recall several times in the past where a band have been playing in a marquee, and I’ve been performing at the opposite end.

This can often satisfy all guests, as there will invariably be some, who aren’t enjoying the band but still want entertaining and those who want to dance the night away on the dance floor. If you feel your wedding might be too loud that other entertainers there might not be able to optimally perform then speak to them. A Professional Magician will always be flexible and be able to adapt and provide a workable solution. It is after all, your special day!


Final Thoughts

The key thing is to ensure all guests are entertained to the highest quality possible. If you are still asking yourself “Should a Magician Perform During Live Music?” You probably already know the answer! Speak to both your magician and venue, it’s only by working together that you’ll be able to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions regarding the performing environment at your wedding then let me know. I will be happy to discuss more possible ideas with you. Simply send me a message through my contact form, or call me now on 07841 332816. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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