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When a new couple make an enquiry with me, they often wonder when’s the best time to book a wedding magician for their wedding? Many people think that hiring a magician to perform during the sit down meal or wedding breakfast is the most popular time. In todays blog post I would like to challenge and hopefully dispel this myth, opening up a whole bunch of new opportunities that you may not have previously considered.

Should a Magician Perform During the Meal?

Over the years it has become almost commonplace to envision your wedding magician performing during the meal. They walk around the tables as your guests are eating, and perform magic up close. Many people have experienced this type of performance at functions in the past and assume it’s the right thing to do. However it might not always be the best opportunity for your guests to enjoy the magic! You might have selected the perfect magician for your wedding, but it could all be wasted if the timings aren’t right.

The meal is an integral part of any wedding. Your family & guests will be enjoying one of the more formal aspects of the day. It’s imperative that they have the opportunity to enjoy this part of the wedding without interruption. Imagine being sat at a friends wedding now and enjoying a delicious meal that has been prepared for you. Then imagine as you are eating and chatting to friends, a magician wanders over and asks you to ‘pick a card’.  You might be a huge magic fan, but timing really is everything! Many of your guests wont want to be interrupted by a performer, regardless of how good they are if they are eating.


Kitchen Nightmares…

It is during the meal that the catering staff will be at their busiest. The kitchen will be crowded and courses will be being plated up. The wait team will be bringing hot plates in and out of the kitchen, and the potential of an accident will be higher than at other times. If you factor in a magician also walking around the tables, it could well be a step too far.

During my earlier days performing at weddings, I experienced this exact scenario. I had been hired to perform during the drinks reception, but there was a problem. The wedding party were heavily delayed arriving at the venue from the church. This meant that the drinks reception had to be cut short and upon the guests arriving at the venue, they were immediately seated for the meal.

I had to then perform at the tables as the wait staff served the food. It was chaotic and unorganised. After about 30 minutes of service the inevitable happened. As I was performing at a table, a young member of the wait team walked briskly into me. This particular waitress was holding a large gravy boat. The entire contents covered me and the guests! Wedding white became wedding brown and we all needed to urgently visit a dry cleaners.

Performing in between courses can be a hit! – Photo by Chris Seddon

A Tasty Solution

So how do we solve the performance puzzle? Over the years, whenever I have been asked; “Should a Magician Perform During the Meal?” I have offered the following recommendation.

A wedding magician can perform during the meal, but it’s recommended to do so in between each course.

Once your guests are seated, there will be a period of time before the starters are served. This is an ideal opportunity for your magician to break the ice and perform to each table before the meal. As the starters are being served at one table, the magician can move onto the another table and perform there. They can work with the wait staff to ensure that there are no problems. Your magician can either perform for the next table to be served, so they are always one or two tables ahead. Or they can start to perform at the one side of the room and work in the opposite direction. This ensures the wait staff and magician avoid each other completely.

This procedure is then repeated for the main course & desserts, maximising the number of guests experiencing the magic.

Final Thoughts

When hiring a wedding magician its important to effectively utilise their skill set. A skilled magician will be able to break the ice and generate a buzz whenever they perform. Would you prefer not to have your magician perform during the meal? If so you might be interested in them performing during the photographs instead?

If you are currently looking to hire a wedding magician to entertain your friends and family, please get in touch today.

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