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Hello! In this series of special Blog posts, I will be offering a range of top wedding planning tips to help your plan and organise your wedding day. My name is Looch, a professional Mind Reader & Magician based in Nottinghamshire, UK. Many of my clients are couples, just like yourselves, who are in the midst of planning their special day.

I have over 15 years experience providing wedding entertainment in the UK. Throughout those years, I have also had the pleasure of winning various nationally recognised awards within the entertainment industry. All my advice and tips are based on the years of experience entertaining guests at weddings nationwide. I want your wedding day to be perfect! The wedding planning tips that I will be sharing in these blog posts are yours to take, consider, agree or disagree with. I hope you find them useful.

Should my Wedding Magician Perform during the Photographs?

In all the years I have been hired to perform at weddings, one thing has always remained true. There is always a natural lull in proceedings immediately after the ceremony has finished. The structure of the day is self-explanatory during the build up, but once you have tied the knot, your guests often don’t fully understand what comes next.

When do we eat?

This can be an awkward part of your day; your guests will be served drinks and stand around chatting politely. Often guests are waiting to be notified of the schedule of the day, and will be wondering when they get to eat!

This is typically the exact same time where your wedding photographer will be keen to get the majority of the formal shots complete. You will often be so busy with the photographer, as you are taken to various locations for photos with family and guests. You might even feel that you are neglecting guests who are not directly involved in the photos, but fear not. One of the very best ways in which to keep the natural flow of your wedding going, is to hire an entertainer who can perform during the photographs with your guests.

Image showing a Wedding Magician Perform during the Photographs

Step in the Wedding Magician!

A wedding magician is a fantastic possibility. A professional entertainer who can mingle at your wedding and perform close up magic to friends and family. Making them laugh and amazing them! My Mix & Mingle performance has been a very popular choice over the years to keep everyone entertained. There will be many guests who wont be directly involved with the photographs, such as friends and work colleagues. By performing up close to ALL your guests, I will be able to generate a buzz amongst everyone and create a real talking point.

Ice Breaking Magic

Many couples have commented that they think of me as the perfect icebreaker for those guests/family who have never met before! This was something that in my earlier years, I had never considered. Many wedding guests will be from different sides of the family and will know you through vastly different channels. Being able to use a wedding magician to break the ice and get all guests talking and socialising is fantastic, and is certainly recommended.

Hopefully by now, you will know the answer to “Should my Wedding Magician Perform during the Photographs?” A close up magician is the ideal type of magic for this specific moment in time at your wedding. It has more of an impact during this part of the day, because guests are only just starting to relax and celebrate after your ceremony. They tend to be more responsive and appreciative, especially when compared to an evening reception performance.


Feedback from Couples

“We could hear the screams from our guests from across the fields! We knew then that we had made the best choice for our wedding entertainment. Looch is the expert in this sort of thing. We cannot recommend him enough if you are looking for a magician to entertain at your reception.” – Mr & Mrs Cooper

“What a treat you gave us! Thank you Looch, you were incredible. Our guests were so engrossed in what you were doing they almost forgot to be seated when it was time to go in for the meal!” – Mr & Mrs Anderson

Planning your Wedding Entertainment?

If you are in the planning stages of your own wedding day. Lets have a chat about my services and I can amaze your guests during the photographs. Please call me on 07841 332816 or send me an online message.

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