Planning a Party: The Best Business Event Entertainment

Photo showing Business Event Entertainment

Planning a corporate event can be challenging. Despite this 89 percent of event planners love their job. One of the most fun things must be organising the entertainment. When you’re hosting a business event there’s a lot of pressure to hit the right note? Finding the right business event entertainment is key. Read on to learn more about your options.

Best Business Event Entertainment

Booking entertainment for a business event comes with some special considerations.

Your audience may be more diverse than many. The entertainment has to meet everybody’s tastes.

The corporate values are on show at a business event. The entertainment has to be in line with those values. If it isn’t, rather than enhance the event, it can undermine it.

Your event has goals. These could be team building, employee engagement, a thank you for great effort, or energizing everybody ahead of a sales push. Whatever the event goals, choose entertainment that supports it or at least doesn’t detract from it.

Business events have budget constraints. Just as with any business expenditure, you need value for money.

Make sure that you have the right venue, lighting, audio-visual equipment, and room to suit the entertainment. Without it, you might be wasting your money. Even the best band around will be a flop without the right staging. 

Escape Room

Do you need a fabulous way to engage people in teamwork? You may not want it to seem too worthy or contrived. Escape rooms are all the rage and great fun.

Teams work together to escape from a room. They solve mental and physical problems to make progress together. It can be themed in line with your business, products, event, or just generic.

People get to know each other in a way they could never do at work. It’s surprising what talents and skills you discover the person who sits opposite you at work has. It’s unusual and certainly not a cliched business event activity.

Mind Reader

mind reader or mentalist can deliver a stage show, after dinner entertainment or smaller group performances. They read minds and make predictions that astound and entertain. Humour is combined with genuine surprise and shock! A mentalist will perform feats that seem absolutely impossible. They can involve key personalities in the business and even incorporate an event theme.

Photo showing a Business Event Magician
Mind Reader for your Business Event Entertainment


No matter what age you are, it’s wonderful watching a magician at work. A magician at a corporate event can either present a stage show with a large audience appeal or do close up table magic.

Having a magician with close up magic skills perform for you at your table is mystifying. It’s a personal, engaging, and unique shared experience.

Cover Band

Picking the right band for a corporate event is tricky. One person’s musical favourite is another’s personal hatred. The safest option is to choose a covers band.

A professional corporate entertainment covers band is experienced at catering for every audience member. It’s all about song selection, engaging with the audience, and knowing when to pick up the pace.

A Live Covers Band offers a vast range of musical styles!


There’s a time in every corporate event when people need to let down their hair and have a laugh. Corporate event comedy specialists understand what works for their corporate audience. They’ll often take a detailed briefing about the company or event and tailor their routine so that every joke works.

Circus School

Sometimes your job involves juggling lots of priorities. Why not incorporate juggling and other circus arts into your event. Learning how to clown, spin plates, and of course juggle can be a fun participatory entertainment idea.

If you don’t want to learn how to perform, have the circus performers entertain you with their special skills and daring deeds.


Community singing is a wonderful way to bring people together. The modern way to experience community singing is karaoke. You haven’t really laughed until you see your boss singing Elvis or the accounts department perform their rendition of “My Way”.

Make this the main event or a fun interlude while everybody takes a rest from dancing.


TV is full of cooking programmes and competitions. Take this idea and make it a corporate event entertainment. Bring in a chef to demonstrate how to make a dish. Have members of the corporate team try to apply what they’ve learned.

The results can be hilarious, disastrous, creative, and delicious.

A Corporate ‘Cook Off’ can be a funny & tasty treat for your business event!


Seeing yourself represented as a caricature that you can take home is fun. The delight is only exceeded by seeing your work colleagues getting the same treatment. This is something that can be done as a strolling entertainment or at a fixed point during the event.

Event themes can be incorporated including event slogans and awareness-raising visuals.

Animal Magic

Bring in animals to your event for some wonderful attendee engagement. The options are wide-ranging. Petting zoos, falconry exhibitions, sheepdog demonstrations, or fascinating bugs might have a place in your event. Engagement with animals has proven to be therapeutic and a natural stress relief. Boost engagement and reducing tension of your staff can be just the tonic after a busy year of work.


Take a chance on a casino as part of your corporate event entertainment. Play safe by avoiding using real money. Everybody can pretend to be high rollers without the downside. Casinos are guaranteed to create a buzz and generate real excitement and laughter at your event. Its a natural, high energy experience and will really create a sense of unity amongst your guests. What better way to inject some humour and camaraderie ? All the buzz, with no real financial risk!

Graffiti Board

Invite your guests to add their own graffiti to a special board. Marker pens can be your artist’s tools. Let everybody express themselves. This can be a great way for people to generate ideas, respond to corporate messages and collaborate. Often there will be several surprising stand out members of your team. Allow their creativity to flow and it might just inspire you going forward. Many people have hidden creative talents that you never knew about, graffiti is a fantastic opportunity for them to show you their creative side.

Photo Booths

Despite everybody having a camera on their phone an old school photo booth still attracts a crowd. A social photo booth allows you to share images on the internet too. Take the team photo and use it as a reminder of the event. Make sure you use hashtags to promote your event on social media. It’s vital that prospective clients and customers can see the event, and creates social proof for your company too. For more information on the possibilities of a good photo booth check out this article.

Photo Booths help create social proof online. Use Hashtags for your event!

Goody Bag Booth

Free stuff is always fun. Have a goody bag of themed stuff for people to take away. Use it to remind people about the key messages of the event. If you are part of a franchise, there will be ample opportunity to utilise branded promotional items and giveaways. Everybody enjoys taking things away with them to remind them of the event. Usability however is key, the items that are successful tend to be things people will use in their daily lives. Pens, Phone Cases, Vanity products etc are ideal.

Engage and Entertain

Business event entertainment is great when it entertains people! It’s even better when it also engages people with the event’s goals and aspirations. Good luck with your next corporate event, if you would like to chat with me regarding any of these suggestions please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Photo showing a virtual event and corporate entertainment

COVID-19 has significantly changed the business landscape.

Everywhere you look, big and small events are getting cancelled—the Summer Olympics, Coachella, book fairs, concerts, indie markets, parties, the Cannes Film Festival—you name it.

Shelter-in-place or safer-at-home orders prevent many corporations from holding conferences and events they’d previously planned for weeks or months.

But the smart, adaptive companies are doing something different: they’re learning how to host virtual events. Businesses like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and a slew of others are pivoting their tactics and spearheading the virtual events space. This innovation allows them to continue to connect with and serve their clientele, while others have no choice but to, well, disappear.

So, how can you host a digital event or conference that entertains, educates, and engages your audience? Keep reading!

Honour Their Distractions 

When you’re hosting a face-to-face event, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve got your audience’s full attention (especially if there’s an entertainer on stage). Everyone is sitting down in their chairs, looking up at the person speaking, with the kids at home and chores out of mind.

When hosting a virtual event, however, you’ve got to recognise that people are dealing with different distractions. Many people have children at home, dogs barking in the background, meals to be made, and more. Homelife makes it a tad bit harder to focus and engage.

Rather than allowing this to be a point of frustration, acknowledge it!

You can even acknowledge it right there in your introduction, making everyone breathe a bit easier. Explain exactly what the audience can expect during the time, how long the event will last, and how they can participate. 

Keep it Authentic.

Keep It Authentic to Your Brand

In the physical realm, your audience knows you—they name your name, logo, employees, niche. How can you translate your brand and vision onto the digital screen?

This question will have to be answered by you.

Consider what makes your brand your brand, and try to bring that into the digital space. Keep it consistent and authentic, so your audience recognizes you. Now isn’t the time to reinvent (any more than you already have to do)—instead, people want something they can rely on.

Consider Your Hosting Platform

Your choice is highly subjective per cooperation and depends on the goals of your event, how many people are attending, and what’s budget-friendly and user-friendly (for you and them).

You can even consider omnichannel hosting, providing different sections of your conference on various platforms. If you choose only one channel, vet it through a series of queries and tests. Do your research when it comes to virtual conferencing and determine which would be best for your mission and vision. 

Keep It Goal-Oriented and Structured

Just as you would plan a face-to-face event, you’ll need to structure your virtual event, too. 

You’ll need to have goals (what is the point of the event?), date and time, a purpose. What is the core need of your audience, and how can you plan an event around that theme? What makes your affair unique and valuable to your guests?

Additionally, having a pre-event and post-event follow-up is immensely helpful. Pre-event, ask your guests if there are any subjects they’d like included. Ask the audience for feedback post-event so you can know how to improve for next time.

Take your time to research and answer all these questions. Ensure that you’re staying on track with your theme or purpose. Last, provide value for those taking the time out of their day to be there.

Advertise the Same as You Would a Face-To-Face Event

What day is the event taking place? What time? Which platform are you planning to use? Does your audience need anything to participate other than their laptop or smartphone?

Market your digital event the same as you’d market anything else.

Prepare flyers and ads that answer these questions and advertise them through Facebook, Instagram, email, and any other social media platforms you use. Encourage your audience to set reminders, and be consistent (but not sales-y) in sending out your own reminders. 

Ensure the Tech is on your side!

Identify Potential Problems and Prepare Solutions

Another part of hosting a digital event is preparing for various problems you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

This includes things like internet connection, having a paid channel that doesn’t boot you off before you’ve concluded, and even having less tech-savvy audience members attending.

How can you help them before the event begins?

Consider sending out an email that breaks down the process of getting into the event—something that explains exactly how to join or log in. Encourage people to ask questions pre-event, so that you or a team member can gladly guide them through the process.

On your end, ensure everything checks out before beginning.

Check your internet connection, video feed, and microphone volume. Consider areas where things could go wrong and identify solutions early-on.

Learn How to Host a Digital Event (Or Risk Getting Forgotten)

Using this guide, you should be well on your way to having a fantastic event!

The best part is that since businesses are still actively navigating the digital event space, everyone is a little more understanding.

If you have a few hiccups, you can likely overcome them with tact, and no one will be judging too harshly. In fact, once we’re back to face-to-face events, you and your audience will feel that much closer having gone through it together.

Now that you know how to host a virtual event, let’s get to planning.

If you’re looking for a great guest to spark fun and laughs and keep the audience engaged, I can help. Contact me today for extraordinary, unforgettable virtual event entertainment. 

4 Outstanding Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Black Tie Party

Image of Black Tie Party Magician preparing

Throwing a black tie party or corporate event takes a lot of planning. In most cases, there’s a specific reason for throwing these types of events, and you’ll want to be sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

Because the event you’re throwing is a professional event, it’s important that you impress all of your guests. Impressing your guests will leave an ever-lasting impression and will have them ready to RSVP for the next event!

For this to occur, you’ll need to find some amazing entertainment ideas that’ll make your event stand out from others. Here are 4 outstanding entertainment ideas for your upcoming black tie events!

1. Hire Live Music

Not many professional events have live music. It’s a great way to stand out from other corporate or black tie occasions and doesn’t mean hiring a DJ to spin tables and play favourite songs.

It consists of hiring actual bands who will come to your event and perform live. Consider choosing a band that’ll play classical music to fit the theme of a classy event. Don’t forget to set up a dance floor as well. 

Your choice of entertainment is vital

2. Hire a Mentalist / Magician 

Hiring a mentalist or magician is the perfect way to break the ice in the room and get people to start mingling with one another. A mentalist/magician creates a relaxed setting with amazing performances that’ll lead to conversations amongst your guests due to the “wow” factor.

Another added benefit of hiring a mentalist/magician is you can have the performance incorporate your brand or company message into it! You can have the performance after dinner as a way to entertain while guests eat dessert, and leave them on a fun and exciting note.

3. Hire a Bartender and Catering Service

Don’t forget to include a bartender and catering service. A great bartender with a few sophisticated choices such as wine and cocktails is an exceptional way to keep guests entertained, content, and relaxed while at the event.

The right professional catering service will also know how to deliver dishes in a way that impresses everyone! Imagine being served a beautiful dinner plate with vibrant colours and design patterns all made with food.

Black Tie Event Entertainment
Incorporate an Additional Theme into your Black Tie Event

4. Incorporate a Theme

Incorporating a theme is a brilliant way to spruce things up for your event. Think of a theme that might fit well with your brand. If you’re throwing black-tie events, then you can consider hiring entertainment that’ll fit well with the black-tie theme, such as a sophisticated or classical performance. 

If you’re throwing a company corporate event, then consider choosing a theme for the guests and entertainment. Consider a cabaret-style theme, which is a classy and fun theme to follow. 

How Will You Impress at Your Black Tie Party?

Black tie event planning doesn’t have to be difficult when using these tips.

Which ideas listed above will you use to impress your guests at your next black tie party or corporate event? Use a few or use them all to create an event that everyone will remember!

Contact us today to see how we can help make your event an event to impress!

5 Ways to Make your Business Launch Parties a Success

Photo showing a Launch Party

Firstly, congratulations. If you are looking for ideas on how to make your business launch parties a success then you and your team have either completed a project that took countless hours of dedication, you are launching a new product, or you are the owner of a brand new start-up company and want the world to know. There could be other reasons but ultimately, you are looking for a way to build reputation or reinforce client and customer relationships.

Here are some launch party ideas you should consider when organising your big event.

Budget & Professional Services can be vital.

Set aside a budget and if you can, hire the help

Planning, promoting and hosting start-up launch parties is not a simple task. With the hours you have put into the business or new product, you deserve an event that is slick, sophisticated and one that will attract the right people. Therefore, if you can, hire a professional events team to design and manage your launch party which will also ensure you get to relax and enjoy the benefits and rewards yourself.

Select a spectacular venue

If you do not want to hire a team to help plan and organise your launch party, then the first objective you need to meet is to find and hire a venue that will accommodate your guest list. As soon as you reveal the event’s location to your guests, a certain tone will be set and so you should select a venue in line with your brand and/or your company ethos.

Where possible, try and select a unique location; one that creates an air of sophistication and one that gets both you and your team out of the office. It’s a special time for both them and you.

Vary the way you interact with guests

Once you have selected your guestlist full of your target audience as well as friends and family, you need to think how you are going to interact on the day. We don’t mean the way you say hello or the conversations you have. Instead, plan to have digital demonstrations of your product, videos of your team discussing what they have achieved and how, live showcasing and product giveaways (note that everyone loves free gifts and you will enjoy free marketing out of it too).

Interactions like these will help your team feel far more involved in the launch party itself and your guests will have far more opportunities to engage. However, it will also need some planning.

Whats your Theme? Formal? Unique? Fun?

Have a theme

Everyone loves a theme or at least guidelines of how they can be expected to dress. Pick a theme that works with your brand, your ethos, the venue or your product. A theme will be a fantastic conversation starter for both you and your guests. It will also create opportunities for creative and sophisticated photographs to be shared via social media (with specific branded hashtags) both during and after the event.

Pictures are not only invaluable marketing tools, but also a great way for your company to network via social media too. It would therefore be an idea to set time to follow up on any posts or comments your social media outlets receive in the days following the launch.

Wow your Guests!

Entertain with a wow

While this is essentially business, your launch parties should be exactly that; parties! Therefore, your guests will expect some form of launch party entertainment from music, colour, magnificent table decorations or unforgettable food. However, why not hire an act that will keep your guests talking about your event for months to come. It’s essentially free marketing too!

An award-winning mind reader such as Looch can perform in any way you deem appropriate for your launch party. This could be:

For more information about how Looch Mind Reader could help your business launch parties, get in touch today!

10 Incredibly Creative Corporate Event Ideas to Consider in 2020

Photo of Corporate Event Ideas for 2020

Are you planning a corporate event for 2020?

You put a lot of effort and resources into planning corporate event ideas. So, get creative and make it something your guests will never forget!

10 Awesome 2020 Corporate Event Ideas

Some corporate events seem to drone on, making employees and clients cringe at the thought of them. You do not want this.

Great corporate event entertainment will raise company morale and help lock in important clients! Keep reading to learn 10 ways you can make it memorable.

1. Let the 20’s Roar

The 1920s were a time of greatness. This is one of the best corporate party themes for the new 20s!

Think of the Great Gatsby! He knew how to throw an event that everybody wanted to go to.

Rent out an establishment with beautiful Gardens where you can decorate with fairy lights and paper lanterns as he did. You can secretly serve cocktails from this era, like Bee’s Knees and hire a live band to play Jazz from that era.

On the invitations, give everybody the secret code to get in, as if entering an American speakeasy, and tuck the bar away. Set a formal dinner with 20s inspired foods.

Bringing history to life will give your company a promising future! Guests always love this portion of American antiquity.

2. Make It Magical

People of all ages love magic. It doesn’t matter that adults understand the magician simply plays mind tricks because our wonderment makes the magic.

Hire a magician and mind-reader to put your guests in awe. Your corporate party will levitate above all others as people cannot stop talking about the excitement and humour during the performance.

Image of UK Mind Reader & Magician Looch entertaining at an event.
Hire a Magician for your 2020 Corporate Event?

3. Become a Murder Mystery

Turn the night into a murder mystery, where everybody who attends plays a roll of some sort. Your guests will enjoy this immersive game paired with a fancy dinner.

The murder mystery dinner is a perfect prelude to the magic and mind reading show! Better yet, keep the mystery going during the magician’s performance so that the intrigue never ends.

Photo of a Murder Mystery for your corporate event for 2020
Murder Mystery for your Corporate Event in 2020 ?

4. Get Your Guests Raving About It

Remember, this is the new 20’s. Throw out the old concept that you must throw a proper black tie affair.

Creative event themes should match the times, and now is the time for people to let loose their creativity! Make it a literal rave. 

Book a nightclub, hire a DJ, play techno dance music, and pass out glow sticks! This will especially appeal to a younger workforce.

5. Add Art

People love to create things. And your company is always making big ideas happen!

Portray that with artsy conference theme ideas! You can do this in several ways.

If you want to highlight the individualism expressed in your company, then supply all guests with a canvas and paints. Ask your guests to depict how their work makes them feel.

Or, if you want people to recognize the unity within your corporation, make it more of a group effort! You can have everybody design something on a large canvas, graffiti one large wall of your building together, or use various items pertaining to your company to build a sculpture.

Art binds communities together. It also allows people to safely and freely express who they are, what they feel, and the things they stand for. This can show everybody the beautiful true colours of your business.

Photographs of ideas for corporate events in 2020 and beyond.
Bring out your delegates artistic side?

6. Reach for the Stars

If you want to set your company vision beyond the limits of the sky, then book your next corporate event at the local planetarium. These spacious domes can typically hold a large crowd.

After a quick star show, you can put the keynote speaker into the centre of it all. Choose from the best keynote speakers in the world, so they can inspire out of this world motivation.

You can still choose your magician for your corporate party entertainment in this facility. It’s all in the stars!

7. Create a Flash Mob

Take your event outside of the box! These 2020 Corporate Event Ideas can bring everybody together to do something that tells the rest of the world about your next big business move!

Take a half-hour out of each workday to all practice together. When teaching the moves, talk about the whys you might hear during a corporate conference.

How does this song fit your forecast? What does this imply?

Flags and banners can help project this to on seers. Choose a location with heavy traffic and your target market. 

Done right, this will pleasantly surprise a crowd. People will pull out their mobile to snap a video for their social media, further expanding your reach.

Like all good corporate events, making a flash mob will help your employees see the direction of your corporation and get motivated to meet your goals. Everybody will remember this creative and fun idea.

8. Kidult For the Night

Nobody wants to grow all the way up. Give your responsible team a night to remember with a childlike party!

Hire lovable characters to walk around in costume for photo-ops. Hand out swag bags with lots of fun goodies. 

Corporate party themes like this require games and exciting entertainment! This is another great opportunity to bring in your favourite magician or mind reader for an overload of excitement.

Who says business cannot be fun?

9. Snap a Picture

Set up photo booths for your guests to take pictures with one another! Stock the stations with a variety of fun props and disguises.

This will promote bonding within your corporation. To make the memory of the night last, set up a large bulletin board in the office and encourage people to pin up their pictures from the photo booths!

Image of some corporate event entertainment ideas for 2020
Dress up and snap some crazy photography at your next corporate event?

10. Encourage Attendance with a Giveaway

People love the chance to win. Even losers get to experience the thrill of possibility for a time.

Create a monster giveaway and announce it in your invitation. Every invitation equals one raffle ticket, giving everybody equal opportunity to win.

Then, build up your guests throughout the night by reminding them of the drawing at the end of the night. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to raffle off some shares, send them on a mini vacation, or give then an awesome product or service for free.

Plan Your 2020 Events Now

Allow these 2020 corporate event ideas to inspire you! Your party should speak to the way your company appreciates everybody involved.

I want to help you make your event magical! Contact me to set up entertainment you won’t forget!