8 Awesome Benefits of Hiring a Halloween Magician for Your Party or Event

Are you having friends over for Halloween? You’d better have some entertainment prepared. With everyone dressed up and feeling jovial, a hired entertainer can take your Halloween party to a whole new level. A hired Halloween magician will ensure that your party is the most unforgettable one of the Halloween season. If you’re skeptical about what a magician will bring to the table, let me tell you. In this post, I’m going to tell you 8 of the amazing benefits that you’ll see when you hire a magician for your next Halloween party.

1. One of a Kind Entertainment

As a form of entertainment, magic is unlike anything else. The mystique mixed with the interactive nature of the performance is something that sticks with people for a long time. If you want your guests to be talking about your party from Halloween until New Year, you know what you have to do.

By having a professional magician mixing stage performance with smaller tricks while he/she floats around a room, you’re giving your guests something personal that other types of entertainment can’t provide. 

2. Capture People’s Attention

If you’re trying to capture your guests’ attention at this party, magic is a no brainer. Sometimes it’s nice to break up the monotony of the average Halloween party. Sure, people are dressed up and having fun, but most parties go down the same path: eat, drink, converse, go home.

Throwing magic into the mix is jarring to the typical party dynamic. Instead of talking about politics or what’s going on in each other’s lives, a magician can provoke different kinds of feelings in party guests, which will change the dynamic significantly.

A Halloween Magician can provide the Tricks & the Treats!

3. Less Entertaining for You

When you throw a party, you have to do a huge amount of work to prepare. From booking the entertainment and ordering/making the food to preparing the venue and making a guest list, you have a laundry list of important tasks to take care of.

By the time the party rolls around, you just want to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Unfortunately, you’ll have people wanting to pull you aside and talk to you. After all, it is your party.

If you book a magician, however, they’ll take this social pressure off of you and place it on themselves. I can roam around the room and perform card tricks to smaller groups of people or if the party calls for it, can perform some more detailed illusions in front of everyone.

4. It Can Be Tailored for Different Groups

Every good magician should be able to tailor their act somewhat to suit the theme of your party, which is especially useful for a Halloween party. Magic and Halloween go hand in hand, so they won’t have too much extra work to do. Sit down with your magician ahead of the party and go over some of the finer details.

I may ask if there’s a good staging area, what the decor will be like, and the types of personalities that are coming to the party. So long as your partygoers are all in a jovial spirit, I shouldn’t have trouble getting people involved. 

I’ll also able to vary my act for different groups, which is my way of making sure everyone at the party is individually entertained.

5. Flexible on Time

You can book a magician for an hour or the entire length of the party. It’s hard to tell if a magic show will go over with your party guests until you throw them into the fire. Many party planners like to keep me around for at least a few hours to entertain guests.

But, if you’re more interested in a 30-60 minute all-encompassing magic show, followed by a DJ, band, and other activities, I can do that as well. I know that it’s hard to get partygoers to sit still for long periods.

Photo of a Halloween magician at work
Magic is a surefire way to delight your guests!

6. Magic Can Be Spooky

Halloween and magic jive really well together. A lot of the illusions make the unbelievable believable and can even be frightening when framed the right way. We can meet ahead of time to come up with a really good theme for my act. That way, you can scare the daylights out of your guests.

7. Bring People Together

One of the biggest virtues of magic is its ability to bring people together. Every party has people that don’t know each other in attendance and realistically, you’ll be the only person that knows everyone in the room. Often, entire parties will go by without different groups of people intermingling, but that’s not what a party should be about.

Magicians can take two people that barely know each other, involve them in an illusion, and they’ll be talking about it all night. Not many forms of entertainment can help forge new friendships, some of which can be long-lasting, but magic can.

8. Gives You Options

Finally, booking a magician for your Halloween party gives you options. If you let me freelance a little bit, you don’t have to make a rigid schedule for the party. I’m known for my creativity and have been lauded around the UK for my performance and personal touch.

When the pizzas are taking too long to arrive, I can perform to keep your guests entertained; if you decide you want to set up the karaoke machine early, I can take a back seat for a bit until called upon. It makes your life, as the party planner, easy and stress-free.

If You Want a Good Halloween Magician, Hire Looch

For this year’s Halloween party, get the most qualified Halloween magician. As an award-winning mind reader and magician, I’ve performed all over the UK and Europe with my mind-bending act.

I specialise in both mix & mingle as well as after-dinner entertainment, so let me help take your Halloween party into the stratosphere.

Practical Magic: How Much Does a Magician Cost, Anyway?

Photo asking How Much Does a Magician Cost?

When you’re a kid watching a magic show, the only question on your mind is how they made a bunny appear from an empty hat. And even though the magic still enthralls you as an adult, you start to ask more practical questions, like how much does a magician cost?

Magicians can add major entertainment value to corporate events, fundraisers, private parties, and even weddings. Kids and adults alike enjoy the mind-blowing, awe-inspiring illusions that truly make you believe in magic.

If you’re considering booking a magician for your upcoming event, here’s what you can expect to pay:

How Much Does a Magician Cost?

Asking questions like How much does a magician cost? is much like asking how much Benedict Cumberbatch or Gary Oldman charges per project — the answer is, it depends. 

In general, a well-established, professional magician will usually cost between £500-£3000 per event.

The actual cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the following:


It’s no secret that world-renowned actors will command a higher price than a novice who is just getting started, and the same holds true for magicians. 

It takes countless hours to develop the skills needed to become a successful magician. Those who make a career from performing magic are continually practicing their acts and creating new illusions or tricks to give their guests a fresh experience. 

In addition, professional magicians also invest thousands of pounds into high-end equipment. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill joke shop props, but rather carefully created, high-quality items that add to the show.

Magicians heavily invest in their performances, which is why hiring a professional magician costs more than those who do it as a hobby. 

Photo asking How much does a Magician charge?
Looch – Mind Reader & Magician

Type of Request or Event

Different markets and types of events may influence the cost of hiring a magician. For example, a small wedding party may not be as expensive as a corporate event. The number of people involved can also affect the price, particularly since the audience size can determine the type of act the magician performs.

Some acts may not require the use of large equipment or high-end lighting, which could help to offset the cost. However, larger events typically will require some form of PA system, which is typically provided by the client. Some magic acts have their own staging and lighting, which can push the price up significantly.

Another point to consider is the distance the magician will be travelling. Events in a 30-minute radius may not cost as much as those that take a couple of hours or more to travel to. If your event is international, you will have to factor in flights & accommodation into the budget in addition to the magicians fees.

Length of Booking

Magic acts can vary in size and scope, and the time the magician spends performing will affect the price. For example, doing a 30-minute show for a private party will cost less than a two-day engagement at a trade show. You are essentially paying for the magicians time and experience, it is a very specialist area and not one that many people offer professionally!

Type of Performance

One of the most overlooked areas of pricing for magicians is the type of performance the client wishes to hire. As a general rule, if you want to book a magician to perform close up. This could be in the form of a Mix & Mingle performance, it will generally be cheaper than if you wish to book a stage performance. Stage shows can be towards the higher end of the budget and typically cost upwards of several thousand pounds.

Some magicians, especially those that specialise in the corporate market, will often charge daily rates for special events such as exhibitions and trade-shows. An experienced Trade-Show Magician will cost in the region of £1500-2000 per day! I have known some professionals who specialise in this market who charge significantly more for international events.

Infographic showing various factors that affect the cost of hiring a magician.

Where to Find a Magician for Your Next Corporate Event

Asking How much does a magician cost? is usually followed by another important question: Where can I find a magician for my next event?

Looch Mind Reader & Magician has you covered — we specialise in corporate events and weddings to bring your guests an experience they’ll be talking about for months. Contact us today for pricing and availability, and let us give your event the magic touch it deserves!

Hiring a Wedding Magician: Adding a Sense of Intrigue on Your Big Day

Photo of a Wedding Magician performing

There’s nothing quite as exciting as planning your wedding day.

But thinking of ways to make your wedding reception unique and entertaining for all your guests can feel a bit overwhelming. What kind of food will you provide? What type of band or DJ will play music? How will you keep everyone entertained for the entirety of the reception?

It only makes sense that for the most magical day of your life, you hire a wedding magician to add some excitement and mystique to your reception. Not convinced? Keep reading for the top benefits of hiring a magician for your wedding reception!

Keep Your Guests Happy and Entertained

Have you ever thrown a party and found it extremely difficult to have fun because you’re so worried about entertaining your guests?

That’s the last thing you want to be feeling on your wedding day.

Photo of my bespoke wedding entertainment in action
Helping create memories of your big day.

Sure, playing music is a good way to provide some entertainment at a wedding, but it can get a bit boring after a while. That’s why hiring a magician is such a great idea! With a magician, you won’t have to worry about whether people are having fun at your wedding. The magician will go out of their way to make sure everyone is intrigued and will keep the party going so you can sit back and enjoy your big day as newlyweds. 

Adds Excitement During Breaks

Every wedding has awkward breaks throughout while waiting for the next event to happen. It can often feel a bit tedious for guests to just be sitting around waiting for something to happen. 

A wedding magician can add some excitement to those breaks to keep the fun going. For example, right before the reception, guests will be waiting patiently for the wedding party to arrive. This can often take a long time, so having a magician do an act is the perfect way to keep everyone occupied and entertained.

Also, if you’re having a sit-down meal, there are often silences and breaks in between courses.

Your hired magician will fill those gaps with pure engaging entertainment for the whole party to enjoy.

Makes the Day Memorable 

Some people are happy to follow strict traditions when it comes to their wedding day, and that’s totally fine.

But if you want your big day to be memorable, not only for you and your partner but for everyone in attendance, you need to add something unique to the party. The key rule is simple; Create some Mystery!

Booking a magician to entertain at your wedding will make your day especially memorable. The tricks will amaze and astound all your friends and family, creating a true sense of mystery. A professional magician will have people talking about it for years to come!

Adds Variety to the Entertainment

Generally, music is the primary form of entertainment at weddings.

A lot of people in attendance are happy dancing the night away and letting loose. But for others, dancing is either a short-lived activity or something that isn’t appealing at all. By adding a magician, you bring a variety of entertainment options for you and your guests. This will be appreciated by your guests, and who doesn’t like a bit of variety?

Magicians provide interactive entertainment, getting your guests involved in the magic of the evening. It’s the perfect way to cater to your guests who prefer not to dance while giving others a break from the dance floor.

Live music is hired by 71% of couples when planning their big day. Wether you are planning on hiring a band or a DJ, one thing for sure is its going to get loud! This can sometimes create a problem for a magician, but there are lots of creative ways that you can happily have both at your wedding.

Appeals to Guests of All Ages

Your wedding is going to have a wide range of ages, from young children to seniors. It’s extremely difficult to find both music and entertainment that everyone can enjoy. The last thing you want is bored toddlers running around wreaking havoc, trust me I have seen it.

Luckily, some magicians can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s the perfect way to engage young kids and older guests who might not be able to partake in partying and dancing all night. Be sure to check with your magician during the booking phase to see if they can perform for children, as not all magicians do

Tailored to Suit You

Magicians are versatile and can tailor their act to suit your preference. Why not consider having a bespoke performance created to really add a special touch to your wedding entertainment?

Photo of Looch's Bespoke Wedding Enter
Photo by Chris Bunce Photography

They often have several tricks up their sleeves and will be happy to discuss different options for entertaining your wedding guests. I have offered a bespoke service for couples for many years now and it never fails to add that extra special something to their big day.

Magicians Can Fit All Wedding Themes

You might be wondering if a magician will go well with your specific wedding theme.

The answer is a resounding yes!

That’s because magicians can put on acts to fit any type of theme, from traditional weddings to vintage to contemporary. A magician can adapt to suit your specific style. A good quality magician will even be able to incorporate your theme into their tricks to add an extra layer of uniqueness!

Magic Is the Perfect Ice Breaker

It’s always difficult having people from different parts of your life come together because the interactions often feel forced.

You’ll probably have a lot of guests sitting with people they’ve never met before and odds are, they’ll need a little help breaking the ice. What better way to get people talking than having a magician mingle with them during the drinks reception? Or maybe your magician can put on an awe-inspiring show for everyone after the speeches?

Magic gets people laughing together and gives people something to talk about for the rest of the evening. What can be better than that? Smiling guests are happy guests!

Hire a Wedding Magician for Your Big Day!

There’s no doubt that hiring a wedding magician is the perfect way to make your big day more special, memorable, and (of course) magical.  If you’re interested in hiring your very own magician for your wedding, then look no further! I have been entertaining at weddings for years and have won various awards within the wedding industry. I can guarantee you, your friends, family and of course yourselves will be absolutely amazed and in awe!

Contact me today to learn more about how I can make your wedding day truly unforgettable.