Why Hiring a Mind Reader as Your Wedding Entertainment is the Best Decision I Know You’ll Make…

Image of Wedding Entertainment For Hire

Your venue, guestlist, flowers and cake are all booked but what can often be the hardest thing to find, is suitable wedding entertainment for hire

What will suit everyone? What will everyone from grandparents to colleagues enjoy? What is the best wedding event entertainment that no one else has had this year? How can we be original and set our day apart from the rest?

I know these are the questions you will have asked yourselves and not because I am a mind reader but because I have been on the wedding circuit for enough years to know how the perfect entertainment can make your special day spectacular for everyone.

So, let’s not make this a mind-reading exercise for you.

Here is why a mind reader would be ideal for your wedding entertainment.

1. Versatility

Bands, comedians, solo-singers and musicians are all fantastic entertainment ideas for weddings, but they need to take centre stage for the most part. However, as a mind reader, I can seamlessly mix and mingle with your guests during the drinks reception and create a buzz and keeps guests enthralled while you have your wedding photographs taken. I can perform to individuals or small groups and provide that element of wonder and excitement that is missing in your brief absence.

“He entertained our guests so well to the point I could hear them screaming with awe as we were having photos.”

Mr and Mrs Wooly.

2. Lasting impressions

Photo of Wedding Magician Looch performing
Photo by Chris Bunce Photography

Not only does an act like this make for a great photo opportunity (and trust me some of the reactions are fantastic) but the sense of awe and wonder I can create will mean your special day is talked about for months if not years to come. I can create a lasting feeling of intrigue and amazement which makes your wedding entertainment more than just a part of the day; it makes it a lasting memory – along with the dress, the Best Man’s speech and Aunt Mary’s surprise performance of Gang-Nam Style during the DJ set.

3. Audience interaction

One of the most rewarding aspects of performing the wedding entertainment I provide, is the element of audience interaction. Your special day is about you for the main part and celebrating your love for one another, but you also want an aspect of your day to focus on the people you invited to share that day with you. Having an act that can mix with your guests and perform with them is truly original whether you want that to be for 30 minutes or two hours.

“All the guests were amazed – this is exactly what we wanted.”

Mr and Mrs Jackson

4. Large scale performance

As I’ve stated, my act is versatile and can be performed on a larger scale as a ‘Wedding Show’. A stand alone, interactive, one-hour performance following your meal can help conclude your special day before your evening guests arrive.

“All of our guests and ourselves were amazed by his tricks and people are still talking about them today. His skill has to be seen to be believed.”

Mr and Mrs Holmes

5. Tailored to suit you

You can choose bands and singers to suit your tastes but do their acts revolve around you as a couple?  With my bespoke wedding entertainment for hire, I can create an unforgettable entertainment set that can include mix and mingles alongside a personalised showcase that can see us embarrassing the Best Man, celebrating the Maid of Honour or telling the story of how you met but with that magical touch.

As far as ideas for wedding entertainment go, my act can be anything and everything you need and want it to be.

Ready to find out more? Contact me today! (Photography by Chris Bunce)