Practical Magic: How Much Does a Magician Cost, Anyway?

When you’re a kid watching a magic show, the only question on your mind is how they made a bunny appear from an empty hat. And even though the magic still enthralls you as an adult, you start to ask more practical questions, like how much does a magician cost?

Magicians can add major entertainment value to corporate events, fundraisers, private parties, and even weddings. Kids and adults alike enjoy the mind-blowing, awe-inspiring illusions that truly make you believe in magic.

If you’re considering booking a magician for your upcoming event, here’s what you can expect to pay:

How Much Does a Magician Cost?

Asking questions like How much does a magician cost? is much like asking how much Benedict Cumberbatch or Gary Oldman charges per project — the answer is, it depends. 

In general, a well-established, professional magician will usually cost between £500-£2000 per event.

The actual cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the following:


It’s no secret that world-renowned actors will command a higher price than a novice who is just getting started, and the same holds true for magicians. 

It takes countless hours to develop the skills needed to become a successful magician. Those who make a career from performing magic are continually practicing their acts and creating new illusions or tricks to give their guests a fresh experience. 

In addition, professional magicians also invest thousands of pounds into high-end equipment. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill joke shop props, but rather carefully created, high-quality items that add to the show.

Magicians heavily invest in their performances, which is why hiring a professional magician costs more than those who do it as a hobby. 

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Type of Request or Event

Different markets and types of events may influence the cost of hiring a magician. For example, a small wedding party may not be as expensive as a corporate event. The number of people involved can also affect the price, particularly since the audience size can determine the type of act the magician performs.

Some acts may not require the use of large equipment or high-end lighting, which could help to offset the cost. However, larger events typically will require some form of PA system, which is typically provided by the client. Some magic acts have their own staging and lighting, which can push the price up significantly.

Another point to consider is the distance the magician will be travelling. Events in a 30-minute radius may not cost as much as those that take a couple of hours or more to travel to. If your event is international, you will have to factor in flights & accommodation into the budget in addition to the magicians fees.

Length of Booking

Magic acts can vary in size and scope, and the time the magician spends performing will affect the price. For example, doing a 30-minute show for a private party will cost less than a two-day engagement at a trade show. You are essentially paying for the magicians time and experience, it is a very specialist area and not one that many people offer professionally!

Type of Performance

One of the most overlooked areas of pricing for magicians is the type of performance the client wishes to hire. As a general rule, if you want to book a magician to perform close up. This could be in the form of a Mix & Mingle performance, it will generally be cheaper than if you wish to book a stage performance. Stage shows can be towards the higher end of the budget and typically cost upwards of several thousand pounds.

Some magicians, especially those that specialise in the corporate market, will often charge daily rates for special events such as exhibitions and trade-shows. An experienced Trade-Show Magician will cost in the region of £1500-2000 per day! I have known some professionals who specialise in this market who charge significantly more for international events.

Infographic showing various factors that affect the cost of hiring a magician.

Where to Find a Magician for Your Next Corporate Event

Asking How much does a magician cost? is usually followed by another important question: Where can I find a magician for my next event?

Looch Mind Reader & Magician has you covered — we specialise in corporate events and weddings to bring your guests an experience they’ll be talking about for months. Contact us today for pricing and availability, and let us give your event the magic touch it deserves!