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An initial deposit of 25% is due within 7 days of the invoice being sent, with the final 75% balance being due as in accordance with our ‘Balance’ section. Deposits secure the booking and are non-refundable and non-returnable in most cases, appropriate exceptions are discussed in ‘Prices & Cancellations’. Please note that if you wish to cancel there may be a further fee to pay in accordance with our cancellation policy – see ‘Prices & Cancellations’ below.



For me to honour your booking Looch will require all outstanding balances to be cleared funds in HIS account 30 days prior to your event. You must pay by via BACS / Bank transfer using the account details outlined in your invoice.


Prices & Cancellations

Any prices quoted are valid for 28 days. If you wish to confirm an enquiry after 28 days, a new quote may have to be given. Looch’s work is very seasonal and to protect from the natural fluctuation in work and quotes across the year we impose a sliding scale cancellation fee as it gets considerably harder to source work as your event date gets closer.

If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason within six months of your event date then 25% of the remaining balance is due. If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason within three months of your event date then 50% of the remaining balance is due. If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason within one month of your event date then 75% of the remaining balance is due. If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason within two weeks of your event date then 100% of the entire balance is due.

Date changes are subject to availability and additional fees. In the event of a date change which is not available, bookings are treat as per the cancellation policy.

In the event of client cancellation where additional payments (excluding deposits) have already been paid, part payment can be retained if the business has incurred costs directly related to that booking.


Failure & Limit of Liability

In the very unlikely case of Looch being in the position of not being able to provide you with your booked service due to illness or any other extenuating circumstance, he will make every effort to secure the services of another performer that he deem suitable and competent to his high levels. If he can’t then his responsibility is limited to the return of any money paid for your event in advance but no further liability will be sought. In the event of force majeure (including but not limited to war, fire, government policy, public authority jurisdiction, mechanical breakdown or strikes he can’t be held responsible for non—appearance.)



Looch always makes every effort to conduct himself professionally and politely with great friendliness and expects you and your guests to do the same, it’s a good idea if you appoint someone close (Contact, Bridesmaid, Sibling etc.) to point out any specific people of interest for performance or photo opportunities.



Looch doesn’t mind your guests taking photos at the same time as the performances providing they don’t interfere with what he is doing.  It is politely requested that no video footage is taken of the performance unless prior agreement has been made with Looch, you and any official videographer (If one has been hired to cover the event) Looch may need to ask guests to kindly refrain from taking photos if they are obstructing or in any other way impeding the performances. 



Please supply Looch with water / soft drinks whilst he is at your event. You’re under no obligation to provide food, however, any food provided is very much appreciated if you have booked me for more than one performance on the same date. If you do not wish to provide food please inform Looch so that alternative arrangements can be made no later than 1 week before the event. 

Please make Looch aware of the full address for your event, he cannot be held responsible for getting lost due to being misinformed. Please also ensure a car parking space at the venue is secured for Looch.

Any cancellations must be made in direct communication with Looch (Phone or email conversation) Looch will confirm cancellation in writing to you via email. Voicemails are not accepted.

Looch reserves the right to prevent individuals or groups from taking part in the performances if he feels it necessary to protect his equipment/props, or if he feels they’re taking advantage in any other way. Any damages incurred to props or show equipment by any individual or group at your event shall be charged afterwards to the client to accommodate repair or replacement in order for my performances to continue to function.