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Deep in the North Nottinghamshire countryside resides one of the regions most stunning venues. Thoresby Courtyard is home to a former riding school which has been beautifully converted into an exclusive wedding venue. The Riding Hall, hosts weddings and events throughout the year, and is one of the most visually appealing barns in the county.

Looch has been hired to perform his incredible entertainment at Thoresby Weddings many times over the years. The Riding Hall is one of his regular venues, and also one of his favourites. Looch has provided the drinks reception entertainment, as well as his mind reading stage show after the wedding breakfast.

Photo showing Thoresby Weddings

A Performance Memoir

I met Dan & Sam at a wedding fair. I gave them a demonstration along with my brochure, and they told me they would be in touch. A few days later they had booked me via email, and asked if I could mingle with their guests following the speeches.

The big day came and I arrived just as desserts were being served. I got a drink by the bar and watched as the speeches begin. Dan using his creativity, integrated a magic trick into his own speech. It went down perfectly and was a great lead in for me to begin my mingling performance.

I recall the guests were in a boisterous mood and one challenged me to reveal a pin number! He was adamant that it couldn’t be done, and was more than a little bewildered when I told him the exact digits in the correct order. I had been there a couple of hours entertaining their guests when I walked over to the happy couple for one final trick.

I took them outside the hall, where the newlyweds shared a private performance. This was captured beautifully by their excellent photographer, Richard Marriott.

Dan & Sam got in touch upon returning from their honeymoon in Morocco, they thanked Looch for helping make their big day extra special. Here is their fantastic testimonial:


“Everyone wants their wedding day to feel magical, but we also wanted it to be memorable – for us and our guests. We wanted to have lots of little moments in the day that we’d all think back to and smile. Some of the best moments of the day were provided by Looch. We’d thought about hiring a card magician, but wanted something a little different, a bit more personal and something that everyone would remember. – Looch the Mind Reader seemed perfect!

From the minute he arrived we knew we’d got it right. Looch was great in approaching people, introducing himself and then getting straight into amazing them. He approached everyone doing magic & mind reading at tables and for groups standing up. He wasn’t fazed by the big age range of our guests. We’ve had so many compliments. I can still remember looking out over the room throughout the night seeing people either deep in concentration or sitting back and being amazed. Thanks for making our day extra special.” – Dan & Sam Ramsden – Thoresby Weddings.

Getting married at The Riding Hall?

Lets have a chat to see which of my wedding performances would work best at your Thoresby wedding! Either call me on 07841 332816 or send me an online enquiry.

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