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looch mind reader uk entertainer

A 90 second highlight video for Corporate Audiences, showcasing Looch’s unique & innovating performances

Highlights from the University of Sheffield’s ‘Festival of the Mind’. Looch is pitted against an MRI machine to see who can read minds the most accurately.

A 90 second highlight video for showcasing Looch’s dazzling Corporate Entertainment at John Deere’s 50th Anniversary.

Mind Reader Looch freaks out two locals at the Old North Arcade in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Watch their reaction!

Looch uses his powers of influence, to turn the Bride into a Mind Reader! Watch Candy’s face.

A quick montage of Looch performing at a recent wedding in Nottinghamshire. Film & Music by the talented James Douglas Films.

A 90 second video showcasing Looch’s ward winning wedding entertainment. One of the most unique wedding guests available.

Looch influences the mind of Photographer Diane Waby to think of two images and predict which one she will draw.

Looch reads the thoughts of a young couple using a deck of playing cards.