Mind Reading at ThoresbyOn the 26th May, Looch was hired to perform his Mix & Mingle Mind Reading at the beautiful Riding’s Hall on the Thoresby Estate in Nottinghamshire.

Dan Ramsden, the groom decided that he would like a solo entertainer to perform for his guests directly following the speeches. Dan, who is a keen close up magician chose Looch after meeting him briefly the previous year.

Looch arrived during the speeches and witnessed Dan using his creativity by integrating a trick of his own into the final speech. This was the perfect lead in for Looch to begin his walk around set who proceeded to predict the guests choice of colour 3 times in a row.

Looch was challenged by a group to attempt to reveal a pin number of someone who was adamant that it couldn’t be done. The challenge was won by Looch, who went onto read their “tells” poker style and influence other guests the think of words and numbers that he had pre written onto his business cards.

Duplicating secret drawings!The performance concluded outside the hall in the courtyard where newlyweds Dan & Sam shared a private performance with Looch that was captured beautifully by their excellent photographer, Richard Marriott.

Sam was instructed to secretly draw a pattern and hide it whilst Looch had his back turned. Upon turning around Looch asked 2 questions and based upon Sam’s response successfully duplicated the pattern with 100% accuracy.

Dan & Sam got intouch upon returning from their honeymoon in Morroco, they thanked Looch for helping make their big day extra special. Heres their fantastic testimonial.

[quote style=”boxed”]Everyone wants their wedding day to feel magical. But we also wanted it to be memorable – for us and our guests. We wanted to have lots of little moments in the day that we’d all think back to and smile. Some of the best moments of our whole wedding day were from the magic and mind reading provided by Looch. We’d thought about having a card magician, and looked around South Yorkshire for magicians. But we wanted something a little different, a bit more personal and something that everyone would remember – mind reading seemed perfect.

From the minute he arrived we knew we’d got it right. Looch was great in approaching people, introducing himself and then getting straight into amazing them. He approached everyone doing magic and mind reading at tables and for groups standing up. He wasn’t fazed by the big age range of our guests. We’ve had so many compliments – and I can still remember looking out over the room throughout the night seeing people either deep in concentration or sitting back and being amazed. Thanks for making our day extra special.[/quote] Dan & Sam Ramsden

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