Mentalism is a performance art growing in popularity with acts astounding and amazing audiences with psychic abilities, divination and illusion. But what is a mentalist and what do they do?

The History of Mentalism

Brought to mainstream media via entertainers such as Derren Brown, Dynamo, David Blaine and films such as Now You See Me, contemporary mentalists use a plethora of skills such as misdirection, mental mathematics, sleight of hand, theatrics and a tonne of showmanship to give the illusion of supernatural powers. But the concept of psychic powers, the ability to predict the future and being able to move objects with the mind has deep roots in human history with accounts of soothsayers, seers and oracles dating back to ancient Greece.

It is human nature to try and rationalise the unexplainable. We want answers to everything and with advances in technology, there is not much today that we cannot explain. It is this desire to know and understand which has given rise to the fascination with the art of mentalism. Audiences are left spellbound and speechless as they simply cannot understand how another person was able to delve into their thoughts.

But it is because of our human nature that mentalists are able to exploit our minds; our brains can be easily tricked and manipulated by those who know how.

Photograph showing a Mentalist performing at an event.
Looch is one of the worlds best Mentalists. (Photography by Will Hey)

What is Mentalism?

Using the power of both verbal and physical suggestion, a skilled mentalist can implant thoughts into a person’s mind, speaking to their subconscious without them or anyone around them realising. Mentalists have a unique understanding of human behaviour and take advantage of the flaws in the human brain. Mentalists can essentially take control of a person’s free will for a time, steering them towards particular words or images they want them to visualise or say.

Mentalism is often referred to as mind reading and is a multifaceted art. Some mentalists or mind readers incorporate traditional magic tricks into their acts while others focus purely on muscle reading, suggestions and body language. Either way, nothing bonds an audience as much as a shared experience, particularly one that cannot be explained.

Mentalism as Entertainment

For a truly spellbinding and unforgettable performance that will capture an audience’s imagination, why not hire a mentalist for your next corporate event or special occasion?

It is an excellent way to get a crowd talking, whether that’s a crowd of ten or 10,000. Hiring a mentalist can be a unique way to bring in more visitors to your booth at a trade show, get a crowd relaxed with mix and mingle entertainment or an easy way to make your next event incredible.

So if you have a corporate event or special occasion on the horizon and you want something that little bit different, then get in touch.

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