What is a Psychological Magician?

Are you looking for Psychological Magician? Or wondering what exactly what one is? Whereas a traditional magician is able to utilise sleight of hand to perform wonderful tricks, a psychological one is someone who can use a variety of different psychological skills to get inside your guests heads and create the illusion of mind reading. Looch is an expert in this field, and is considered by his corporate clients as the premium choice for this unique form of entertainment.

Where does it originate?

Psychological magic is a powerful and unique form of entertainment that is ideal for corporate and private events. It has its roots in a performing art called Mentalism, or Magic of the Mind. Whilst related to the magic fraternity, it is often perceived as magic’s last frontier. When you witness a magic show, you accept that you are going to be fooled. You know beforehand that the magic tricks you will witness are just that…tricks! However when you and your guests witness a psychological magician or mind reader, you may be convinced that what you have just seen may just be real!

Infographic for Psychological Magician

What can a Psychological Magician do for my event?

A Psychological Magician can offer a range of exciting performances for any type of corporate event, wedding or party. You can hire them to perform a stage show, filled with audience participation and interaction. This is ideal for any type of event where you are planning a sit down meal. At the conclusion of the meal, the psychological magician can be introduced to the stage and proceed to blow your minds and amaze your guests. Generally speaking, shows of this type are very interactive in nature and will include all your guests in a variety of exciting and memorable ways.

If your event is more casual and has a drinks reception, then you can hire a psychological magician to perform in a close-up capacity. This is sometimes known as meet & greet entertainment, and consists of the magician performing up close to guests as they are socialising. This is a much more relaxed type of affair, as your magician will engage with guests, making them laugh but leaving them utterly bewildered with their mind reading tricks!

Do you want to hire a Psychological Magician?

Are you currently in the planning stages of a corporate event or wedding? If so, let’s have a chat! I would love the opportunity to speak with you about my services as, and how I can help transform your event and make it unforgettable. You can contact me via my enquiry page or call me on 07841 332816

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