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Some couples tell me that they are interested in hiring a wedding magician to perform during their evening reception. That seems like a pretty normal idea, right? In my experience, the evening receptions can be loud, busy and logistically unforgiving for the roll of a close up magician. Before you close this browser tab, and find another magician, allow me to explain why. The role of the wedding magician is to provide entertainment and create magical moments for every guest. There are times during your wedding day that naturally lend themselves to this better than a traditional evening reception. Here are the primary reasons why your Magician shouldn’t perform late into the evening.

Why Your Magician shouldn’t perform late into the evening

OK, so you have decided to hire a wedding magician to entertain your guests. You want them to perform during the evening reception, so that both your day & evening guests get to experience the magic. This is a great decision as it maximises the impact the magician can have at your wedding! However it might be a good idea first, to take a look at what else might be happening during your evening reception. This is especially important before you decide on the exact times you want your magician to perform. Your evening reception will than likely consist of the following:

  • Evening guests arriving and mingling with day guests
  • The cutting of the cake
  • The first dance
  • Have you booked a live band?
  • Lots of drinking?
  • The DJ playing loud music
  • Your guests dancing the night away!
Photo showing Why your Magician shouldn't perform late into the evening.
Photography By Grace Nicole

Hey guys! We’ve not seen you for years!

The average number of daytime wedding guests here in the UK is 79. As the evening reception draws in, it rises to just over 110 guests. Thats an increase of approximately 25%. Immediately after the wedding breakfast & speeches, there tends to be a slight lull. Everyone has eaten and will have been at your wedding for several hours. This can often be quite a stressful time for guests with young children or elderly guests. As your evening guests arrive, you will notice a rejuvenation in the overall atmosphere. People who haven’t seen each other in years will chat and catch up, its a very social time and one where a wedding magician can take advantage of!

Hiring a wedding magician to perform as your evening guests arrive is a wonderful idea. I would recommend you arrange the time so that it coincides with the end of the speeches and during the room turnaround. Your day guests will often be stood around, with their stomachs fill and have begun to tire. This is a perfect opportunity to inject some magic into their day! In addition to your day guests being amazed, your arriving evening guests will also be able to experience the performances. It really is the best of both worlds so to speak.

Mmm Cake…

Once your evening guests have arrived, quite a few wedding traditions typically occur within a short space of time. The cutting of the cake being one of the most famous. It wouldn’t be polite for your magician to perform during this part of your day. Imagine having the majority of your guests celebrating and photographing such a special moment and the rowdy bunch loudly reacting to your wedding magician in the corner. You can request your magician to not perform during the cake cutting ceremony and also during the next segment.

Photo showing a wedding magician performing at the evening reception
Photography By Grace Nicole

The First Dance

Here it is, the most frequently ‘filmed’ part of your big day, the first dance. You will be surrounded by all your family and friends as they watch your first ever dance as a married couple. Phones are out in masses and everyone is capturing this moment and creating digital memories for you to watch for years to come. As with the cutting of the cake, it is not an appropriate time for your wedding magician to perform. During the booking phase, it is recommended that you request them not to perform as the first dance takes place. A good quality professional magician will already know this, it will have been something they have done previously but it’s better to be safe and speak to them.

I Can’t Hear You!

Once the first dance has occurred, the music will begin to pump. Guests will be enjoying themselves on the dance floor and thats when the party really gets started. A loud and busy area is never the best for a magician to perform in. If you want them to perform during this part of the evening reception then its recommended that your venue has a separate room with a bar. Those guests who prefer not to dance will still be able to enjoy themselves and chat in the bar area. This is a perfect environment for magic as both parties can hear each other and not fight to be heard over the loud music. The magic can be enjoyed and appreciated!

What Was My Card?

The later the evening reception goes on, typically the more alcohol has been consumed. This invariably results in tipsy guests! Whilst guaranteed to be fun with everyone relaxed, dancing and celebrating your wedding. It’s not the ideal time for your wedding magician to have their best impact. Guests who have been drinking for a while become less focussed and can often be a magicians nightmare. They often forget their role in the magic, and can forget instructions given by the magician.

Many times I have experienced a participant completely forgetting their chosen playing card or a simple set of instructions. This can affect the impact of the performances, and often result in a sub par experience for all guests, including the magician. Remember, your wedding magician wants to be at their best and exceed everyones expectations! Avoiding them performing late into the evening is certainly recommended.


Final Thoughts

If you want to hire a wedding magician to performing during your evening reception then, I think it’s important to minimise any logistical problems for your magician. Common sense will often tell you wether you think a specific time is good or bad but as a general rule, hire a magician for the early part of your evening reception. Have them perform away from any loud music, preferably a bar area and not after the first dance. That way you will maximise the potential of the booking and ensure your guests are well and truly entertained to the best of the magicians ability.

One final thought you may want to ask yourself is; “Do I tell my guests, I have hired a Magician?” Why not check out my wedding planning tips blog series for more information and advice to help you plan your wedding entertainment.

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