As a professional performer working within the industry, I am often asked about the actual process of booking a magician for events. I have read countless horror stories from clients who had a less than pleasant experience booking their acts in the past. As a result I wanted to put together a brief post to help those who are booking a magician for an event. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d be more than happy to offer any advice I can give.

Go Pro

I will start off with the most obvious, yet most ignored rule when booking a magician. To ensure a successful event, you must hire a professional. I know theres often a fairly large difference in quotes & prices, but thats the same in all industries.  Let me explain why hiring a professional is fundamental to a successful booking.

The professional magician relies on positive feedback and recommendations in order to build their business. The professional magician’s livelihood is reliant upon regular and consistent work. If they receive negative feedback, it affects their business. As a result the professional magician will have considered all the small details and draw upon their vast wealth of experience, to ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible. They have a vested interest in your event. The professional will be punctual, well dressed & polite. They will be flexible, and understand the importance of their role at the event.

Photo of a professional magician performing
Professional Magician = Your Event is in Safe Hands

As the organiser of an event, the magician you choose to hire will be a direct reflection on you. If the act is late or even worse, doesn’t actually turn up, it goes without saying that it will look bad on you. If the amateur magician cracks a bad joke, or offends an important guest, again you will be held responsible. Please don’t take a chance on an amateur or hobbyist. Yes they will often be cheaper but to ensure peace of mind, hire a professional who cares about your event and genuinely wants it to be a success.

Websites & Social Media

We all know websites are essential for any modern business. In the magic industry, websites are an integral part of the magicians career! They work 24 hours a day to promote the performer and their credentials. One of the first things to do when booking a magician is to check that they have a professional website built on its own domain. The website should be clear to understand, and explain what performances the magician offers.

Look at the photographs too, are they professionally done? Have they been taken at genuine events or are they taken on the street or in their local pub? We all know a picture says a thousand words, so what are their pictures telling you?

Another area of the website to check for are performance videos showcasing the magicians previous work. These videos will give you a very good insight into the levels of service you can expect if you are to hire them. Are the reactions from the audience good? Does the magician appear confident in their performance? All of these things you should ask yourself to ensure a successful event.

Is the website clean and tidy? or is it littered with spelling mistakes? Does it create the impression of a polished, professional performer?

In addition to researching websites, It’s vital to check out the magicians social media accounts. The vast majority of professional magicians will be using some form of social media to advertise their business. At the time of writing this post the most popular ones by far are Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook. Just 2 minutes looking at their accounts will often tell you all you need to know.

What about Reviews?

A fundamental part of booking a Magician is checking their reviews and testimonials. Have they got any? Are they from reliable & credible sources? Some amateur magicians have been known to have reviews fabricated by friends or family, so it’s always wise to take a look. One good tip is to look for verified reviews from companies such as Google, Trustpilot and KwikChex. These kind of results, for the most part, should be trustworthy and reliable.

Make Contact

Don’t forget the good old fashioned telephone conversation, you can tell a lot from a person by the way they handle themselves on the phone. A professional will handle themselves well and should be able to discuss all aspects of the event with you. If you are still not sure, why not request a meeting? This may not always be possible when booking a magician, but if their schedule permits, a face to face meeting and demonstration is the perfect way to gauge whether the magician is the right act for your event. If the act you are considering is based some distance from you, then perhaps meeting them half way would be a good way to do this.

Pricing – How much should it cost?

Many clients consider price to be the primary factor when booking a magician. It is sound thinking in theory, much like shopping around for the cheapest appliance, but just because it’s the cheapest, it doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. When working with professional magicians, often the prices vary dramatically. Many factors must be taken into account when a magician is quoting for an event. Factors such as Time, Distance, Number of guests, Duration?

A professional shouldn’t have a generic, set price; they tend to quote on a personalised basis, taking into account all the necessary information. as a rule, expect to pay in the region of £500-1000 for a good quality close up magician. Stage shows & Cabaret performances tend to be more expensive and will depend on a larger number of factors.

Lets Talk about Your Event

Now that you have had a chance to read through these essential tips for booking a magician, why not get in touch with me and discuss your event? Give me a call or send me a message. I would be delighted to chat with you! I look forward to being able to help you plan a fantastic event!

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